now I remember…

why we never go on walks with the ferrets. lazy furballs they are – 90% of the walk they are sleeping on my person somewhere, usually in the hood of my hoodie, then I wake them up when we get to “the destination” and they will wake up when we are at the front door again. Lazy buggers, but on the upside – we have pictures (excuse the human in the pictures, I couldn’t get her to move out of the frame)



It’s the season

Temari’s first food-mom Anne has made a new set of pups for me (well and the rest of the world) to drool over, 11 pups all in all – AGAIN. Think we’re going to have to call Anne “Lucky number 11” πŸ™‚

for those who are curious, you can follow the new litter here: Flying Ferrets

So we talked back and forth and I’ve ended up putting my name on the list for a new ferret, even without telling Tommi about it – what can I say? some people buy shoes, I sign up for ferrets (apparently). Dosn’t help that Anne is a tough seller, who knows that I have a hard time saying no to all those cute faces – and this year she made my dream-combination – dark ferrets with a black nose.. HOW can I ever say no to that??

I still need to convince Tommi that we should bring a new little carpetshark… I mean – cute fuzzy furball Β into the household

There’ll be no picture today – the ferrets have dug themselfs under a blanket and refuses to come out, and I am too busy looking at litter-pictures to -insist-

Happy 3 years!

Time flies by when you are busy having fun, and our little pup is having her 3rd birthday today! can you believe it? She has managed to knock her big sister of the throne as ruler, and is now controlling the house with a strong furry paw, she even tells us when it is time to get up or if he have not been feeding her enough treats. She is a kind but firm ruler.

Pictures taken this morning – enjoying her birthday treat πŸ™‚ (the tail in the picture belongs to out silverfoxy PetebΓ©)

IMG_20150501_101103 IMG_20150501_101124 IMG_20150501_101040 IMG_20150501_100830 IMG_20150501_100835

Temari got a christmas card

Yesterday evening there was a letter in the mailbox – but it was not for us, but for Temari.

I showed her the letter and she did a bit of scratching on it. After I while I asked her permission to help her open it, because I could see she was getting a bit frustrated and wanted help, but being too proud to ask (of course). So we finally got the letter opened and inside was a beautiful Christmas card from her beautiful sister Nori in Aalborg, and from Her parents Meep Meep and Lugh. There was also a greeting from Temari’s previous food-parents and I could tell she got really emotional, cause she nibbled a bit in one of the corners. I think she misses her siblings and parents a little, but she snuggled up to me, got a piece of dried meat and took a little nap on me.

And we must say – Nori looks really wonderful in her winter-fur, and we both think it’s amazing that she haven’t opened the package that under the tree yet – not even a tooth mark! πŸ˜‰


Thank you for the Christmas Card Nori (and Anne, who I assume have kindly helped a little with the typing and photo session).

A few shots with new camera

we’re still not quite settled after the whole renovation, apparently it took quite a bit longer then anticipated, so our furniture is still out of place, but I think it’s all done now – or I hope so!

We got a new camera, still learning how to get good pictures in ferret-speed, but I managed to get a few, so here’s your updates

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Just a few quickshorts

Temari is changing to winter fur.. and she is soooo soft, I just want to cuddle her all the time, but she won’t have any of that. On the upside, the renovation is -almost- done, so they are not cages up all the time anymore – I feel so bad for having to do that, but it was just too dangerous for them to roam the apartment freely, while it was happening., also part of why there haven’t been any updates – I mean – what was there to write? “Day 3: still locked up, hate food-mommy and food-daddy, I want to climb. Day 7: I hate being locked up, sleep a lot, waiting for my chance to break free” – if I had known that it would take 3 weeks, instead of 1, then I would have made better arrangements for the girls, but they have survived, and will get lots of free-time again from now on. Just a few quick photos – Temari’s mask it disappearing, it’s so cute πŸ˜‰



Quiet days ahead

Due to construction-work in our apartment, we’ll have to put the ferrets in their cage a lot over the next week or two – I feel bad that they can’t roam freely as they normally do, but I just can’t let them do that, because 1) I’m sure the workers don’t like small furry things jumping between their legs 2) I don’t want the ferrets to escape by accident, which is likely, seeing as the workers are going to pull a entire wall (having the windows changed, they make up our south-wall in the living room) 3)the house is no longer ferret-safe, because of rushed moving of the furniture, because we only got 1 day warning (seriously – been waiting for MONTHS on that notice, and then I get it 1 day before *grrr*)

So there’s not going to be much “play-time” for Temari and Tigger, but I know they will survive, and I have promised them lots of walks (in leash) to compensate for their loss of housing-freedom.

Temari found Pizza

Yesterday we were both busted, so we decided to order Pizza. Temari climbed into food-daddy’s shirt and was making herself a little “cave” in there, when suddenly she smelled the pizza – oh boy! surely she must taste that, so we let her have a little bite – I know many that will say that “human food is not ferret food” – but I just can’t say no to their faces when they are all eager to try, and it’s not like I let them munch a whole slice of pizza or even give it on regular basis, so sometimes they are allowed the “forbidden foods”. Also took a picture of this -completely unrelated- house, covered in the leaves of Fall – I thought it looked beautiful πŸ˜‰ might see if I can take Temari for a fall-walk and get some great pictures of her playing in the fallen leaves.

A while ago

A while ago my friend Lorrie send Temari and Tigger a gift – all the way from the big and scary USA. I have been wanting to put up pictures of it for a long time, but actually catching the girls playing with the stuff proved to be a harder task then I thought, so SORRY LORRIE! but here it finally comes!

Temari now weighs 635 grams – I must say I don’t understand the mind of her though – I must be doing something wrong – when she is given a whole mouse, there’s no problems in the world of eating it all (and fast) but when I give her chunks of meat, she refuse to eat it – I have to cut it to tiny pieces, or grind it, before she eats it.. what am I doing wrong? I need to do some research this weekend, cause I still feel like a complete newbie in this area, but I’ve not fussed about it so much, cause she’s fine and healthy and apparently still gaining weight, so I must be doing something right – I just wish I knew what.

So now… be warned! lots of pictures πŸ˜‰

p.s – the Penguin towel haven’t been used yet..but soon πŸ˜‰

Short update

I’ve started my new job, and things are going swell, but the juggle seems to be slightly unbalanced at the moment, so there’s really no energy left to be online like I used to be. Somehow it seems more important to snuggle with Temari on the couch after a rough day, rather then sitting at the computer and writing about her – I know you’ll understand πŸ˜‰

Things are good otherwise – other then the odd piece of meat I keep finding everywhere – if the pieces are too big, then she wants to run and stash them, rather then eat them – Imagine my surprise when I found this out.. behind the DVD-player I found a meat little stash.. I would guess there was meat-pieces for at least a few days, perhaps a week, so guess who is standing in the kitchen, chopping up the little princess’s food? yep – food-mom is! I know this is stupid, cause there’s NO problems when it’s a whole mouse or anything – but I guess some pieces are just too good to have in the food-area – and the meat is stashed the same place as the sponges.. as far as I know :S